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Automotive & Car Detailing & Reconditioning in McCook, NE

From the everyday commuter to specialty vehicles and anything in between, Recon Techs is specially trained in the use of professional products, processes (including ceramic coatings), and techniques to restore your vehicle back to a factory look and shine. Put simply, it is car detailing at it's best. Servicing the McCook, NE area, our professionals have the specialized skills to achieve exceptional results.

Paint Correction:

Professional compounding and polishing is vital to maintaining the luster of your exterior finish. Compounding and polishing removes oxidation, old wax buildup and other contaminants while cleaning, leveling and shining your paint. These procedures can tone down and transform larger imperfections and even remove light scratches. It is important to remove all contaminants, oxidation and wax buildup prior to applying a protective paint coating. You do not want to seal in the contaminants.





Recon Techs utilizes a process specifically designed to completely remove contaminant build up on your exterior finish. This treatment draws contaminants from exterior painted surfaces leaving a clean, contaminant free ultra-smooth finish that is now ready for polishing and protection.




Once the exterior painted surface has been properly prepared, Recon Techs introduces the finest high performance protective paint coating available in the industry providing the ultimate in protection against the harsh environmental elements.




Our professionals use Recon Techs high quality products to clean, condition and protect your interior leather, plastic and vinyl surfaces. State of the art tools and equipment are utilized to ensure deep cleaning of fabrics and carpets Vapor Steam Cleaning/Odor Removal/Ozone services are also available.

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